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Spay Neuter January 27

ARF’s next spay neuter trip is Monday, January 27. We are still offering our low-cost spay neuter ($20 plus $10 for shots). You can sign up any Saturday from 1-3 pm at ARF’s downtown Sylva location at 50 Railroad Ave, near the farmer’s market (but later in the day).

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ARF happy tails

We always like to hear good news from our adopters, even the ones in Florida! Hazel and Laurie are two of our county’s unwanted hounds who landed on their feet through ARF’s Florida transports.

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Thanks to ASPCA and Subaru’s Share the Love/ Rescue Ride program, ARF has sent over 50 animals to safety at out-of-state no-kill shelters. ARF spends between $2000 and $3000 per transport, so the $3000 grant was badly needed. Here are a few of the pets saved by this program:

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ARF receives $3000 ASPCA/ Subaru grant

Thanks to the ASPCA for a $3000 Share the Love / Subaru Rescue Ride grant to transport adoptable pets to no-kill shelters in other states. aspca_press-release

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A little help for this deaf, double-merle aussie?

Jack, a wonderful double-merle deaf and partly blind aussie, has been looking for a home for over a year. He’s sweet and smart, but at 70 lbs. he’s the kind of dog that doesn’t fit in just anywhere. He needs a home that will help him realize his full potential, and he may have found […]

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Itchy Pet?

Many pet owners struggle with scratching and itching, especially in the summer. Why let your pet be miserable when the problem could be as simple as diet or a minor parasite issue? Solving that problem now could make both your life and your pet’s life a whole lot more pleasant.


The first course of action is […]

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Introducing a new dog

(Based on Patricia McConnell’s booklet, Feeling Outnumbered?)

Many pet owners have asked me for strategies to introduce a new dog to the household pack. As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, I’ve learned a few tricks that might help.

For the best shot at a successful introduction, meet on neutral territory. Have a family member or friend meet […]

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Preventing Separation Anxiety

My experience in 20 years of dog training has been that the "rescued" dogs are most prone to developing separation anxiety. This makes sense in that these dogs are most likely to have been neglected and mistreated, so of course they are going to attach themselves to the first nice person they meet. What’s more, […]

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Cats return from the ARF’s first three-night spay trip

The cats have finally returned from ARF’s first Humane Alliance spay/neuter trip of 2014. The first January trip was delayed because of weather, and this all-cat crew got stranded in Asheville for three nights because of dangerous road conditions.

Most of these cats received free spay neuter, either through Catman2’s two-year PetSmart Charities grant, which offers […]

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