Fix your pet through us

In conjunction with the Asheville Humane Alliance, ARF offers low cost spay/neuter assisance. We can help you help your pets live longer, happier lives. Costs vary, but generally run around $20-25for a spay or neuter plus $10 per vaccine. Note that your animal must receive a rabies vaccine (for which you will be charged $10) unless you furnish proof that it is current on rabies. These prices are low because ARF and Catman2 are supplementing your cost with their own funds.

For now, we are not signing up in person. Note the following links to sign up online. NOTE: Please ONLY bring cats in secure plastic crates; check all hardware to make sure the crate or door cannot accidentally open.  ARF volunteers will not be able to handle your cat. If you do not have a cat crate, contact Catman2 or ARF to borrow one. ARF’s number is 877-273-5262.

Thanks so much for your wonderful spay/neuter program.
I didn’t know what to do when my son found a pregnant hound under the barn. Then she had all those puppies. I wanted to help, but I couldn’t afford it. ARF helped me spay all the pups for free, and now they have great homes!
Thanks for helping me sleep better at night! And thanks for helping our community do the right thing by our animals!
Trudy Buchanan
Humane Society of Jackson County has transported companion animals to our spay/neuter clinic for ten years. They help owners get their companion animals sterilized. Their level of professionalism and commitment to spay and neuter companion animals is exceeded by none of the forty animal welfare organizations we work with.In 2013, their endeavors resulted in almost 700 sterilizations for publicly-owned animals…astounding!
Asheville Humane Alliance

low-spay neuter:

In conjunction with the ASPCA Humane Alliance and Catman2 Shelter, ARF can offer the following low-cost services:

    • To sign up, visit us in downtown Sylva or signup online. 
    • Low-cost spay neuter pets for people on financial assistance (disability, food stamps, etc.)
    • Reduced-price fixing of pets for students and people who have rescued multiple pets. We have some help available for Swain County as well.
Animals killed at Jackson shelter because of overpopulation

Animals killed at Jackson shelter because of overpopulation

  • If you don’t fall into this category, contact us anyway! We have some funds for other pets

Early spay neuter

Did you know your pet can be spayed or neutered as young as 12 weeks of age? Moreover, the ideal spay/neuter age is four months of age, before the pet goes into heat or reaches maturity. Read more about it:

Next spay/neuter day

We have spay/neuter days approximately twice every month (usually on Monday / Tuesday). Please reserve your place in advance — we can only take a limited number of pets each time!

To reserve your place, please come to ARF’s Pet Adoption site (see link at bottom of page for directions) on Saturdays between 1 and 3 PM or signup online. You must reserve a place in person and pay for the service in advance (or give proof of address in advance for free services). We can no longer accept payment on the day of the spay/ neuter trip. If you have questions about the date or details, call 877-ARF-JCNC

[877-273-5262], or email kaleb (at) or admin (at) Whenever possible, we update our Calendar to reflect these dates as soon as we know them. 


ARF’s services in 2018-19

Those who reserve a spot but do not show up and do not notify ARF will forfeit their fee. If you must cancel, call. We will do everything we can to accommodate your pet on our next trip. Your pet will need to travel in a hard plastic carrier or crate (not a wire cage, and not a cloth carrier). If you do not have one, we have crates available on spay/ neuter day. If you need to take one home before hand, you must pay a deposit. As soon as the cleaned crate is returned, you will receive the crate deposit back.

Instructions for spay/neuter day:

  • For transport, all pets must be in a hard plastic carrier or crate (not a wire cage, and not a cloth carrier); if you do not have a carrier, let us know in advance so we can provide one. Important: leave cats in car until you get a crate. Uncrated cats become frightened and are likely to run away.
  • Adult pets should receive no food after midnight the night before (water is okay). Young puppies and kittens can have a very small meal (a few bites) early in the morning before the trip, but consider avoiding that if your pet gets motion sickness!
  • Pets are dropped off between 8 and 8:15 am at the ARF office in downtown Sylva next to the new pavillion on Railroad Ave. Get directions from your location. Please don’t come early; no one will be available to check you in before 8:00 AM.
  • Pickup is the following day, usually around 12:15 p.m.; please check to make sure what time your pet will be ready. We all have full-time jobs while volunteering for ARF, so please ensure your pet’s safety and our volunteers’ jobs by picking up your pet on time!