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Happy Tail: Raven Krein

My husband, Scott, and I had decided quite firmly, calmly and were in100% in agreement.

No dog until we moved into our new house
And, when we got a dog, we wanted a very large dog
And that dog was a particular breed chosen to match our lifestyle.

But, again, the main point of many, many, many discussions had […]

Happy Tail: Aiden

Thanks so much for letting us get Aiden. By the time we got him home, fed him dinner and played with him a bit he was worn out… he’s just so sweet. I had stopped on the way to get him a kennel which I put Sophie’s blanket in the bottom of (the one he rode […]

Happy Tail: Pogo

Yesterday two thieves showed up at our house. They were in camouflage just outside our fence. Pogo was outside with John and he pitched a big Pogo fit and wouldn’t stop until John went to check out what was wrong. There in the woods laying flat on the ground hiding were two people. They had […]

Happy Tail: Lucy Cutting

Hi, there, remember that litter of yellow labs that Sandy helped birth and foster?  I adopted Lucy who is now 2 1/2 and sweet as can be.  Today she received her CGC certification and is in training to be a therapy dog.  We’ll be going to this hospital, hospice and the Asheville Veterans Administration.  I’d […]

Happy Tails: Hawthorne


Everything is going great with the addition of Huxley.  I got home last Saturday night with Huxley around 6:30pm.  We took Hawthorne to neutral ground for the initial meeting.  It was a little rough at first.  However, by Sunday 8:30am they were running and playing all over the house and have gotten along since then.

They […]

Happy Tails: Dandy Dan aka Riley

Daniel’s long drama began when this panic-stricken giant pup darted into the house of ARF volunteer Jean Lewis’s neighbor around 11 PM. He raced through the door, ran up the stairs, jumped on the owner’s bed, and refused to leave. After determining that she was ill-equipped to persuade Dan to go–apparently he really wanted a […]

Happy Tails: Nate

Will adopted Nate from ARF last November and they were soon inseparable. Will and I started dating around the same time he adopted Nate so we have all grew to love each other together. Nate has been on many journeys with us from backpacking in the snow to his first time at the beach. When […]

Happy Tails: Buzz aka Nathaniel

It is great to hear from you and to hear that you are still working with the humane society to help animals in need.

We are very happy about the news on Hedy/Zerbina. Over the years, we have wondered how she and the other siblings are. Zerbina certainly looks great in the picture. Thank you for […]

Happy Tails: Knuckles

In 2000, we adopted our Knuckles from ARF in Walmart parking lot. He is know 13 years old and growing old and slow. He has been a dear member of our family and a true companion to our children. He has always watched over and protected them through the years. We have been blessed since […]

Happy Tails: Atalanta aka Shiloh

My name is Tyfanee Fortuna, and i’d like to let you know about Atalanta’s life after she came up north!!

Atalanta is now Shiloh. I originally saw her at the shelter in August 2011 and asked to foster her. As is custom with all my foster pups, I brought her over to my grandparents house and […]