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[title size=”1″]Onyx and Bertie Buxton[/title]
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It’s been over a year since I sent you photos of Onyx (Jacob) and Bertie (Jaydon), born April 4, 2012. Mike and I have more recent photos of them(attached)–it’s hard to get good shots because they’re so black that we rarely get their features to show. But, these photos are pretty good. Onyx weighs around 20 lbs. and Bertie about 10 lbs. They are the most wonderful pets you can imagine. Bertie used to be a bit aloof in the beginning, but he soon learned to be very loving, and Onyx is just a big teddy bear, full of love. I remember that you and my husband, Mike, tried to talk me out of getting Onyx because it might not work out having two puppies. But, I’m so glad I insisted saying I really wanted Onyx because it has worked out beautifully. They play together all day, at times gently and other times wrestling like two male elephant seals! They have a lot of fun together and they also have fun with us. They are wonderful travelers. We put them in their soft kennel in the back seat of the car and we don’t hear a sound from them till arriving at the destination.
Last October, we bought a house and moved to Chestertown, MD, where Mike and I first met at the college in town. We love the town and there is much to do and see here; but, the main reason we moved is that we’re much closer to Baltimore where our daughter and her family, and our middle son and his family live–each have 2 children. We enjoy being only 1 1/4 hours away from our grandchildren, as opposed to being an 11-hour drive from Robbinsville. We still have the house in Robbinsville and plan to go there now and then.
There is a beautiful and big dog park nearby where we take Onyx and Bertie and let them loose in the small dog section. So far, they’ve had that area all to themselves, with the exception of a couple of times sharing the space with two other small dogs. They all romped very happily. We also go there with a dog trainer who is helping us to teach Onyx and Bertie to come on command–Bertie, especially, was prone to running away whenever he found a door or gate open, and wouldn’t come back on command. The trainer told us that, rather than chase him, we should walk away from him, and she said he soon would follow us. Well, it did work! He is a lot better now about coming when called and being rewarded with praise and a treat. Of the two, Bertie is the more adventurous one; Onyx loves to do exactly as told and loves to please us. Their personalities are quite different from each other, but each is great. They bring us much joy.
My e-mail address has changed to and our address is now 116 Cedar Street, Chestertown, MD 21260. I will stay in touch and let you know how Onyx and Bertie are doing from time to time. They are wonderful little companions–we love them so much!! Getting them was the best thing we did!! Thank you for raising and taking care of them so well.
Warm regards,
Alice Henry