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[title size=”1″]Raven Krein[/title]

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[/images]My husband, Scott, and I had decided quite firmly, calmly and were in100% in agreement.

  • No dog until we moved into our new house
  • And, when we got a dog, we wanted a very large dog
  • And that dog was a particular breed chosen to match our lifestyle.

But, again, the main point of many, many, many discussions had been….NO dog until we moved into our new house…there was just too much commotion and upheaval. 

But, then, the photo came through.  The eyes, the lop-sided ears, the doggie grin (come on, you know the one) and the irresistibly hysterical sign hung around the neck in the Doggie Shame sort of way advertising her many assets.  I was toast!!

 But wait…perhaps Scott could be the voice of reason.  The one who would remind me ALL of our former decisions!  Sent the photo to him.  And, in true husband form….in just a few short days…we had a dog!!  

Raven (the final name bestowed upon her in memory of my Mom) has healed some pretty big wounds left by some recent voids in our lives.  She brings joy, comfort, entertainment & laughter.  She broke the mold in meeting all of our expectations….even though she isn’t large, she isn’t a particular breed and she is living in our turmoil and upheaval (although we moved into our house 3-weeks ago)! 

We cannot thank ARF and Margo Gray enough.  Just as is so often said in bumper-stickers…We didn’t rescue Raven, She rescued us!!!  Thank you ARF….

 – Scott, Tracy & Raven Krein