Project Description

My name is Tyfanee Fortuna, and i’d like to let you know about Atalanta’s life after she came up north!!

Atalanta is now Shiloh. I originally saw her at the shelter in August 2011 and asked to foster her. As is custom with all my foster pups, I brought her over to my grandparents house and they were in love with her from the get-go. It wasn’t long before they officially adopted her! I was very worried at first, because I couldn’t even tell you the last time my grandparents had a dog. They were also very strict about having dogs in the house, even when i’d bring over my own perfectly behaved dogs. I can easily say right now, that my grandparents have benefited so much from having Shiloh. She keeps them young. Even though Shiloh is not the easiest dog, they absolutely love her. Whenever she has an upset stomach, my grandmother cooks up chopped meat for her and specifically marks it in the fridge as “Shilohs” food. She gets walked every day, and she gets to run around the yard with my aunts dogs as well. They always talk about how much they love her, and how she is their “child”. My grandfather even keeps a scrapbook of pictures and records of Shiloh, and on her first birthday they threw her a small party!

Shiloh is an amazingly hilarious dog. I recall just a week after my grandparents adopted her, we were all hanging out in the backyard when Shiloh got the “zoomies”, which resulted in her jumping on the outdoor table that everyone was sitting around, taking a lick of my grandfathers coffee/sambuca mix, and running off again, which everyone still finds hilarious to this day. Shiloh also loves to watch tv, and will actually sit on the couch with her arm on the sofa, staring intently at the tv (they say her favorite channel is the hallmark channel, lol!). If you sit in Shilohs spot on the couch, she will bark and whine at you until you move. If you stand in front of the tv while she is watching it, she will grumble and bark until you get out of her way! Shiloh also loves to have her belly rubbed, and she loves to play with the neighbors dog Nike. She is also in love with the neighbors two small daughters (I think they are 4yrs old), and every time they come around the block Shiloh HAS to lick their faces to death, which results in the two little girls cracking up hysterically.

Shiloh is far from a perfect dog, but she is a huge part of the family, and is so loved. Thank you SO MUCH for rescuing her and fostering her. Without you saving her, a piece of our family would be missing. I have attached a TON of pictures for you, so you can see how much she has grown and how much she is loved!

Thank you again!!