Project Description

Buzz aka Nathaniel

It is great to hear from you and to hear that you are still working with the humane society to help animals in need.

We are very happy about the news on Hedy/Zerbina. Over the years, we have wondered how she and the other siblings are. Zerbina certainly looks great in the picture. Thank you for sending the link along.

Buzz has definitely inherited some talents from his mom. He is the fastest runner we have ever seen — especially when squirrels are in sight! He has also displayed amazing tree climbing and jumping skills and is one excellent swimmer. (We believe that it was all the lap swimming fun with his Dad to get him prepared for Maine ocean swimming and probably the labrador that is in him as we are learning now!)

To this day we are very grateful to you for helping us make this adoption possible. Buzz is the center and joy of our lives. He makes us happy every day and we feel extremely lucky and very blessed to have him.

Attached are some pictures of him. One is with his sister Kona who we adopted approx. 9 months later from the Franklin County Humane Society in Florida. She is a great little sister to him. The second and third pictures are of him with his most precious ball he will never travel without!

Our family wishes you and everyone at the humane society a happy and blessed new year 2014!!

Thank you,
Buzz, Kona, Rick & Thanh