The many sides of ARF

ARF serves the community in many ways. We rescue animals from the shelter and the community, assist other rescue groups without 501(c)3 status to pull animals and gain access to services, attend weekly adoption events, send unadopted animals to New England and New Jersey on our frequent transports, and run two low-cost or free spay/neuter trips to Asheville Humane Alliance every month. Our volunteers are constantly at work driving, rescuing, vetting, applying for spay/neuter grants, fundraising, assisting community members, and–of course–cleaning!

ARF can fix your pet for free or very low cost thanks to several generous grants. We offer two trips per month to Asheville Humane Alliance.fix-your-pet
ARF sends animals that can’t be adopted locally to shelters in New Jersey and New England. Hundreds rescued so far. Each transport costs almost $1000.newsletters
ARF volunteers rescue from local shelters and from the community. Before being offered for adoption, each pet must receive well over $100 in vetting. See our pets...
ARF needs donations, foster parents, drivers, spay/neuter volunteers, fundraisers, and more. Use our “donate” button or call our toll-free number.Read more...

Where the money goes

  • $22,949 on spay/neuter
  • $18,508 on veterinary medicine
  • $10,246 on foster care (mainly food)

Recent grants

  • $35,000 for free spay/neuter of cats in 28779 zip code (in association with Catman2 and PetSmart Charities)
  • $20,000 for free spay/neuter of dogs in 28723 area (Cullowhee, Tuckaseege, and Little Canada) in association with PetSmart Charities
  • $5,000 from Two Mauds Foundation for spay/neuter of community cats and the pets of low-income individuals

From our customers

In 2000, we adopted our Knuckles from ARF in the Walmart parking lot. He is now 13 years old and growing old and slow. He has been a dear member of our family and a true companion to our children. He has always watched over and protected them through the years. We have been blessed since the day we adopted him!
Buchanan Family
Thanks for all the wonderful pets you’ve brought us over the years. They have been so perfect–even tempered, loving, loyal, and smart. We always adopt from ARF
Gastle & Carter
Our neighbor left us with a whole community of unspayed cats! Thanks for helping us with the free spay neuter. Your group is such an assset to the community!
Simpson family